oh my god

oh my god

Michael Alig is getting out of jail and no one cares.

Looking at my neighborhood on airbnb is my anti-drug.

Tom T. Hall - Who’s Gonna Feed Them Hogs

Is it funny to walk up to a microphone and say “Is this thing on?”

The perfect sandwich

[======]    <—- iPhone

♦    <—- Diamonds
~~~~~~~    <—- Chipotle Aioli
[======]    <—- Another iPhone

Tanya Tucker - Old Dan Tucker’s Daughter

Tanya Tucker - New York City Song

George Jones - Papa’s Wagon

Got scheduled for nine consecutive shifts, cool. B(

Fresh pasta, you piece of shit.

Fresh pasta, you piece of shit.

(Source: slurricane)

People out here trying to fuck with the Wu-Tang Brand. Shameful. Wu-Tang Brand ain’t nothin’ to fuck with.

Who do I believe?